• 1. What is the difference between Duracell Industrial and the Duracell batteries sold in the shops?


None, except for the packaging and the image! The batteries themselves are made to the same specification. However to enable Duracell to compete in the Commercial and Industrial markets, where there are large consumers of batteries like Health Centres; they use the "Industrial" image, conveniently boxed in 10's and market it at a competitive price to compete with lesser well known brands.


  • 2. Why should I purchase new batteries rather than Rechargeable batteries?


Rechargeable batteries are suitable in some applications but because the Voltage of a Rechargeable battery is less than a new one (1.2 volts against 1.5 volts), problems can occur in the performance of the appliance. If you look at the majority of childrens toys for example, they state that you should not use Rechargeable batteries.


  • 3. Are there any problems in disposing of used batteries?


The EEC in their wisdom have decided to issue a Directive for the disposal of waste Electrical equipment which includes Dry Cell Batteries. All local amenity sites should have a "WEEE" section with a specific container for small batteries. Some branches of supermarkets have a facility for disposing of used batteries. The Directive is vague on which batteries it covers but the "Industry's" position is that it does not at present relate to Alkaline and Zinc Carbon batteries. It does however apply to NiCad and NiMH Rechargeable batteries.


  • 4. Do I require to open an account to buy batteries from you?


No, not if you are a Doctor's Practice or a Health Centre. If you are, you are automatically granted credit. See the Payment page for details. If you are not in this category please contact us on with your details and what you want to order, or send a cheque with the downloadable order form.


  • 5. As your prices are so competitive are they likely to go up as soon as we start buying from you?


We can never guarantee that prices will not increase due to Duracell increasing their prices to us. However we did change our prices in 2012  for the first since we started the business at the end of 1998 and do not envisage further increases at present.
Up to now we have absorbed  increases in carriage and postage costs  by running our business with low overheads.



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